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A Dogwifhat ($WIF) price prediction is a hot topic these days in the cryptocurrency community. The Solana-based meme coin is on a roll, posting approximately a 120% price rally in a week and a 1040% surge in a month.

In this article, we will explore the price prediction for DOGWIFHAT. Well also reveal another promising altcoin that is slowly gaining momentum with its sights set on listings on premier tier 1 cryptocurrency exchanges, potentially offering much higher returns.

Key Insights

  • DOGWIFHAT Soars: Skyrockets 1080% to top Solana meme coin charts.
  • Stable Future: Technicals hint at balance; eyes set on $2.50-$3.90 by year-end.
  • PIKA’s Potential: Starting at a $10M cap, Pikamoon ($PIKA) is many investors’ new darling.
  • Memecoin Mania: DOGWIFHAT’s rollercoaster paves the way for PIKA’s promising launch amidst a juicy entry point.

Dogwifhat (WIF) Price Prediction: How High Can It Go?

DOGWIFHAT’s Recent Price Movements

DOGWIFHAT has seen a staggering increase in value, with an 18% jump in the past 24 hours alone, reaching a price of $2.10. Over the last week, the coin has posted a 120% increase, reaching a new ATH of $2.23. Since then, it has dropped almost 11%, but these figures highlight the explosive growth that meme coins can experience in a bull market.

dogwifhat-price-prediction-one-week-chart – Actusduweb.com


Historical Context of DOGWIFHAT

The meme coin DOGWIFHAT originated from a popular image of a dog wearing a hat and quickly gained traction within the cryptocurrency community. The token made its debut on the Solana blockchain in November 2023.

The charm of Dogwifhat lies in its simplicity and the irony embedded in its theme. Community members actively engage by sharing humorous and creative memes of the hat-donning canine, contributing to a fun and lively atmosphere around the coin.

Over the past few months, Dogwifhat has experienced a meteoric rise, boasting a remarkable $2 billion million market cap, which highlights the unique and often surprising dynamics of a bullish crypto market.

Technical Indicators and Price Predictions

wif-price-rising-image – Actusduweb.com


The latest technical analysis of DOGWIFHAT suggests a neutral stance with the 14-day RSI standing at 47.97 and the STOCH (9,6) at 36.49. This indicates a balance between buying and selling interest, hinting at potential price stabilisation or correction in the short term.

Long-term predictions are more varied, with some analysts forecasting a climb to $2.50, marking a 45% increase. Others suggest a more conservative growth, with potential fluctuations leading to a stabilisation around $3.90 by the end of 2025.

But all this depends on the bull market and general market sentiment around the meme token.

Price Prediction Caution

Considering DOGWIFHAT’s already substantial price increase, it’s pertinent to consider that its potential for further growth may be limited. Historical data suggests that such sharp rises often face corrections or stabilisation phases during which the token faces a sharp decline.

This is why savvy investors are now turning their attention to Pikamoon ($PIKA), a new memecoin thats gaining traction.

PIKA is associated with a play-to-earn (P2E) NFT metaverse game called Pikamoon. With an in-house dev team at its backing, some speculate that PIKA could be the next meme coin to witness a parabolic run, drawing parallels to the early days of DOGWIFHAT.

Let’s take a look at why such a prediction holds significant merit.

Pivot to PIKA: A DOGWIFHAT Alternative Meme Coin With More Potential

sample-pikamoon-price-rising – Actusduweb.com


Market Cap Comparison

When we talk about DOGWIFHAT’s market cap being around $2 billion, it shows it’s a big player in the cryptocurrency market. Now, compare that to Pikamoon (PIKA), which is starting with a market cap of just $10 million and a price of $0.0007. The gap is huge!

Further, a smaller market cap means that PIKA has a lot of space to grow, especially as it starts getting listed on big exchanges (more on this later). These listings will bring a lot of attention and money into PIKA, potentially boosting its value big time.

Presale Success

Pikamoon’s final presale stage was a massive hit, selling out just one week into its final 60-day countdown and raking-in over $1.4 million.

This rapid sell-out signals that people are really into PIKA and believe in its real-life value. Once PIKA hits the free market without any restrictions on buying and selling, we could see an even bigger rush, pushing its value up as more people would want to get their hands on it.

Team Transparency

Meme coins like Dogwifhat often come with a bit of mystery, mainly because the folks who make them tend to keep their identities under wraps. This secrecy can sometimes make people wary, worrying about the risk of scams or the rug pulls.

However, Pikamoon is taking a different route, as the brains behind this project, Conrad Lewis (AKA Brock), Luke Appleton (AKA Kanto) and frontfacer Nix stepped into the spotlight via the launch of the Pikamoon Podcast.


By putting real faces and names to their project, Pikamoon is breaking the mould of anonymity that’s all too common with meme coins. This is a big deal because it builds a bridge of trust amongst investors and the gaming community, stemmed through the fact that the creators have made their long-term intentions public.

For anyone thinking about putting their money into PIKA, this transparency should be seen as a massive breath of fresh air. This is because Pikamoon is not just about making a quick buck; it’s about building something lasting and trustworthy in a space that’s often anything but.

Tier-1 CEX Launches

Getting a spot on a top-tier centralised exchange isn’t something every new cryptocurrency manages to do. Even WIF had to wait a couple of years to get listed on top tier-1 crypto exchanges like Binance and Coinbase. On the other hand, Pikamoon is turning out to be one of the first meme coins to launch on tier 1 exchanges within a few weeks of selling out the presale (this is practically unheard of).

In the inaugural Pikamoon Podcast episode, Brock and Kanto shared that PIKA is close to securing listings across several tier-1 exchanges within the next two to three weeks. This is because negotiations have begun, and they’re now working through the legal intricacies.

Although the specific platforms remain under wraps due to legal constraints, this development is a testament to Pikamoon’s potential and credibility. With a proactive approach – especially when combined with a positive current market outlook – PIKA is poised to draw significant attention and investment in the coming months, potentially propelling the tokens growth to an exponential level.

Influencer Attention

The Pika presale shook things up in the crypto scene, grabbing the attention of major crypto influencers. Big players like Jacob Bury, Mathew Perry, Tom Sheen, and Jake Gordon didn’t just take notice; they actively got behind it, each adding their own stamp of approval.


Bury tagged it as the “Moonshot” of this bull run, highlighting its potential to skyrocket in value. Meanwhile, Jake Gordon dubbed it the “new 100x gaming altcoin,” pointing to its massive potential for growth. Tom Sheen chimed in too, nodding to its ability to expand during the bull market.

This kind of endorsement from such well-known figures is a powerful signal that PIKA isn’t just another drop in the cryptocurrency ocean; it’s a real opportunity for anyone who has missed the train on Solana-based meme coins like Dogwifhat.

GameFi Hype

pikamoon-nft-battles – Actusduweb.com

PIKA, as a GameFi token, enters the scene with a clear blueprint for success laid out by predecessors like AXS (Axie Infinity), ILV (Illuvium), and SAND (The Sandbox). These tokens have proven that starting from humble beginnings doesn’t preclude reaching the heights of billion-dollar valuations, especially during a crypto bull run.

Take AXS for instance. In January 2021, it was trading at a modest $0.4, with a market cap under $30 million. Fast forward to the peak of that year’s bull run, and it exploded to a market cap of well over $1 billion, with an all-time high (ATH) of $164. ILV, even without a beta version of its game in play, rocketed to $124 and soared past a $1 billion valuation.

These meteoric rises showcase not just the potential for massive returns on investment but also the growing appetite and enthusiasm for GameFi projects.

The GameFi sector is on a trajectory to grow at an impressive compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27.33% over the next seven years. This expansion sets a fertile ground for PIKA to potentially emerge as a leader in this bull run, mirroring Axie Infinity’s breakthrough success. With ambitions to capitalise on the ongoing GameFi and NFT boom, PIKA is strategically positioning itself to achieve similar, if not greater, success in 2024.

pikamoon-assemble-p2e-game – Actusduweb.com

This isn’t just about following a trend. It’s about understanding the market dynamics of the GameFi ecosystem, the increasing integration of blockchain in gaming, and leveraging the interest in NFTs. PIKA aims to blend these elements, crafting a unique value proposition that could very well catapult it into the billion-dollar valuation club, alongside its illustrious GameFi counterparts.

Founders’ Podcast

It’s not every day you hear about the creators of a crypto project hosting their own podcast to dive deep into what they’re building. Yet, that’s exactly what the minds behind Pikamoon are doing.

Just a short while back, they released the first episode of the Pikamoon Podcast – which is promised to be the first of many. Through such medium of communication, the trio plan to continue opening up about the challenges they’ve faced, the milestones they’ve achieved so far, and the big dreams they’re chasing for the future.

This move to share their personal and professional journey in such a transparent way is pretty rare in the crypto world – however by doing this, the Pikamoon founders are allowing investors to feel like they’re right there in the room with them, being part of every decision, success, and setback. This level of openness is a breath of fresh air, building a bridge of trust and excitement that can catapult any crypto project to success.

Community Support

When it comes to crypto, the power of a passionate online community can’t be overstated. Just look at Dogwifhat, which soared to a valuation of over a billion dollars, largely thanks to its dedicated followers. Pikamoon is quickly following in those footsteps, boasting an impressive roster of over 15,000 holders and more than 7,500 Beta players.

When challenges arise, it’s this loyal coin community that stands as Pikamoon’s first line of defence, offering feedback, rallying support, and maintaining the buzz. Their active involvement across several platforms is a testament to the project’s potential, and it’s this collective energy that can propel Pikamoon toward achieving remarkable success.

Metaverse Development

six-screenshots-of-pikamoon-metaverse-plans – Actusduweb.com

Pikamoon is stepping up its game by jumping into the exciting world of the metaverse, aiming to make a splash as big as Sky Mavis did with Axie Infinity. They’re crafting their digital currency universe, aptly named Pikaverse, via the talented in-house development team at Orbit Cosmos.

By creating a virtual world where players can explore, interact, and earn, they’re setting the stage for a deep and engaging GameFi experience. When the alpha version of the game is released, this approach will attract an even larger gaming community, as well as set PIKA apart as a forward-thinking, innovative project in the crypto space.

Final Thoughts

Dogwifhat’s meteoric rise and the promising trajectory of Pikamoon serve as reminders that the next big altcoin could be just around the corner.

While price predictions for Dogwifhat or any meme coin are speculative at best, monitoring the development, community support, and innovative approaches taken by projects like Pikamoon can provide valuable insights into their potential growth.

So, if you feel like you missed out on the Dogwifhat wave, Pikamoon might just be your chance to get in on the ground floor. With its upcoming launch on top exchanges at an entry price of just $0.0007, this could be the moment to score 100x returns or more. Don’t miss out, AGAIN!

Dogwifhat Price Prediction & PIKA – FAQs


DOGWIFHAT ($WIF) is a Solana-based meme coin that has recently gained significant attention in the cryptocurrency community due to its remarkable price surge. Originating from a popular image of a dog wearing a hat, DOGWIFHAT has quickly become a favourite among crypto enthusiasts, especially for its humorous and creative community engagement.

What are the recent price movements and predictions for DOGWIFHAT?

DOGWIFHAT has experienced explosive growth, with a 120% increase in a week and reaching a new all-time high (ATH) of $2.23. Long-term predictions vary, with some analysts forecasting a climb to $2.50-$3.90 by 2025, depending on the market’s general sentiment.

What is PIKAMOON, and why is it considered a promising altcoin?

Pikamoon ($PIKA) is a new meme and GameFi coin associated with a play-to-earn metaverse and NFT utilities. Starting with a market cap of about $10 million, Pikamoon is seen as having significant growth potential, especially as it aims for listings on top-tier cryptocurrency exchanges in the coming weeks.

What makes PIKAMOON different from other meme coins?

Unlike many meme coins, Pikamoon emphasises transparency and community engagement. The project’s co-founders have publicly shared their identities and plans, fostering trust and long-term investment interest. Additionally, Pikamoons association with the play-to-earn metaverse and NFT utilities sets it apart as a coin with real utility and potential for significant returns.

How does PIKAMOON plan to achieve growth and attract investors?

Pikamoon aims to capitalise on the growing GameFi sector and the ongoing interest in NFTs. The project plans to launch on top-tier exchanges shortly after its presale, which has already seen significant interest. Influencer endorsements and a strong community of holders and beta players will also contribute to its growth strategy.

Where can I find more information about PIKAMOON and its future developments?

PIKA has official channels on all social media. You can follow Pikamoons official YouTube channel to see the founders’ podcasts. Similarly, you can follow the team on Medium, LinkedIn, X, Discord, Telegram, Reddit, etc. These official PIKA channels offer the latest updates on the project’s progress, upcoming listings, and opportunities for community engagement.


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